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Probe Card Drilling

Probe Card Drilling

We began our probe card drilling service in the early 1980’s when we were approached to drill small holes for computer probe cards. We had no computerized equipment at that time but with our micro drilling skills we were up to the challenge of probe card drilling and began to manually drill hundreds of tight tolerance holes. Our expertise is now supplemented with the latest in high end machines and tool holding systems, many of which are proprietary.

Vermont Microtechnologies strives to exceed any challenges are customers are facing. We have experience drilling in Photoveel 2, Delrin, Vespel, Macor and many other materials. Our machinists specialize in very close tolerances in both diameter, pitch and position, holding less than +/- .0002” Below is a sampling of our work in probe card drilling.  For additional examples of our micro drilling, visit our main image Gallery.

Valuing our customers and with a strong commitment to excellence, we offer a control/quality control assurance program.  We use video inspection equipment with a minimum of 250x magnification and offer full reporting and documentation of inspection results.  Please complete our contact form and let us start helping you with your probe card drilling needs.

  • Probe Card Drilling with .0075” diameter holes in vespel

    .0075” diameter holes in vespel

  • Probe card holes .0054" in Delrin

    Probe card holes .0054" in Delrin

  • Photoveel 2 Cobra Probing

    Lower die for Cobra Probing in Photoveel 2 with micro-hole pattern 0.0033” holes