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Micro Hole Drilling

Micro Hole Drilling

Vermont Microtechnologies is a leader in burr free micro hole drilling. Founded in 1963 as Vermont Mold & Tool, we bring 50 plus years of precision machining experience and over 30 years of micro hole drilling to our customers. Our company name change in 2015 to Vermont Microtechnologies reflects our continued focus on providing very high precision drilling and milling to tolerances of microns.

We have experience in micro hole drilling in a variety of materials including Stainless Steel, Brass,  Inconel, Vespel and more.  One hole, three thousand or thirty thousand holes, we are ready to meet your micro drilling requirements. Valuing our customers and with a strong commitment to excellence, we offer a control/quality control assurance program. Contact us today and let us start helping you with your micro hole drilling needs.

Below is a sampling of our work in micro hole drilling.  For additional examples of our micro drilling, visit our main image Gallery.

  • .0065” holes in Inconel. Tolerances /- .0002”

    .0065” holes in Inconel. Tolerances /- .0002”

  • Micro-features Titanium Part

    Titanium part with micro-features (0.50mm threads shown in middle)