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Using a mixture of equipment from proprietary machines, proprietary tool holding systems, along with the latest in high end machines and tool holding systems, we carefully select the platform for each project that we quote, to ensure that customer needs are met.

Need to hold positional tolerance in the microns, and have it repeat from part to part to part? We can do that.

We have been drilling small and smaller holes for over 30 years, and are always willing to try smaller. We are specialists in micro hole drilling.

We love the challenge and do not be afraid to test us.


Whether it is one hole at time in a fuel injector, or 3,000 for medical testing, a multi-dut probe card, or 30,000 holes in a plate for fluid dispersion, we are ready for them all.


We excel at very round holes, which are critical in creating accurate droplets and focusing light or lasers.

Probe Cards

We offer probe card drilling in almost any medium, we can hold very close tolerances in both diameter, pitch and position, holding less than +/- .0002”


Need to mill a .004” channel? We can do that.

Need a wave guide with super high finishes and no radii? We can do that.

Want to mill brass that is .020” thick and have it flat within a tenth? We can do that.