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About Us

Vermont Microtechnologies started life in 1963 as Vermont Mold & Tool. We were a job shop in a small northern Vermont town providing jobs to Vermont_Microtechologies_Barnet_VTlocal townspeople. Over the next 20 years it grew to serve a diversified range of industries, from automotive to plastics, to cameras. The original employees were toolmakers from the old school, going through 8000 hour apprenticeships to achieve their toolmakers cards.

In the early 1980’s we were asked if we could drill small holes for computer probe cards. Even though we had no computerized equipment, our toolmakers rose to the challenge of manually drilling hundreds of tight tolerance holes. That knowledge and experience lives on today.

In September 2015, we changed our name to Vermont Microtechnologies, to better reflect what we do now. We are focused on very high precision drilling and milling to tolerances of microns in a wide variety of industries and materials.

Our philosophy today is the same as it was then, take on all challenges, apply our experience, know-how and equipment to meet the customer’s requirements.